Friday, October 22, 2010

Firefighters from my window

Alas, there were not only beautiful autumn leaves to be photographed from my window.

I live in Blackheath and a fire broke out of one of the garages across the building live in, I run back as soon as I have seen the flames coming out and called 999, as I have seen the Firefighters car arrive, we went to shop, as we intended.

Coming back, the fire-fighters were still there. Then, from my window I took this picture and two others.

Then the police arrived too and even visited us, flat by flat.

A 'crime scene' was declared.

What crime?

They must suspect the fire was lighted by someone?

Two more policemen visited me asking questions, but I have not seen anyone around and did not look out before I was headed to shop.

Only yesterday noon did I hear that someone was found inside - the body of a woman. How they know 'woman'? Some rumors put her young and expecting, others a woman of 50, as it seems is the owner of the garage.

Terrible to think there were not only things burning when I have seen the flames coming out and coming out! Terrible to imagine what happened and how her last minutes must have been - whoever it is, if indeed she really died then and there.

Only some charred remains of things remain outside the garage, the police is no more there any more, at least not visible, but I can not forget that the horrible flames I have seen, meant more then I did believe at the moment.

My mother burned when she was 50, and my father had to break the bathroom door to save her and she remained with a wound for more then a year on her left breast.

I was with her the first night she asking help and no doctor coming - and when finally I did succeed to wake one up, he told us 'nothing to be done' (anything would 'interfere' he told and went to sleap living me with my mother and her terrible pain) and my mather continued to suffer all night as never before.

I was 16 at the time.

All came back this morning to me.

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