Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Understanding each other

This was the look that I like perhaps best between so many thousand portraits - it warms me up whenever I look at it. Also, she is not the only one looking to me with such a warm understanding.

I do not remember exactly what I said to her about me and her that she liked so much. Something as I like her hair because I feel I would like also make for myself something like it? Or that she is as daring as I would like to be?

At any way, her instant expression tells me today, after many years, that we did indeed understand each other, profoundly.

As I was at the time not alone, but on stroll with an other photographer, I did not stay to speak more and after a few photos - snapshots they give more often then staged portraits - I went farther on that Parisian market street where she was sitting, alone, to drink a caffee.

But her look towards me is also what I feel you, my readers through me. And we, to each other. And it counts a lot.

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  1. In that photo, I see a kind person, comfortable with herself, who is at that moment, feeling a little amused. I'm guessing that she would be fun to know. I think I see her "spirit" in the picture.