Friday, October 29, 2010

Trip to Waddesdon Manor

Yesterday a long trip.

Depart at 8 30 from London, we arrived, by bus, underground and train, towards 10 30 to our destination, and at 11 to the Waddesdon Manor's Stables.

We met there the others, and had lunch in the garden - it was nice enough to do it, in our coats, without being cold.

All around us lots of children, it was a Halloween party!
Trip to Waddesdon Manor_0421d
Some of Margo friends. There were all great and very interesting too. The two men here are also veterans of the Second war!

After lunch and discussions, and photos, we were taken up to the Manor, which is like a Chateau and also very nicely furnished - also for me it is a great pity there is not enough light to see what is inside.

At least, for my eyes.

I do understand the fragility of materials - but even in the room of porcelains there was only dim lightening!

After going through interesting landscape and passing by the places Margo lived when child, adolescent, and young woman, we went back to her friend, and there, the old friends reminiscent of people they knew together long time agoi.

It was a pleasure to listen to them - and most of discussions I could follow without problem. After a nice food, too, we departed late and with some adventures, as the train could not take us as it was scheduled, we did arrive home toward ten in the evening.

A very fruitful and long day.

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