Friday, October 1, 2010

After the rain

I learned this month that everything in an image does not have to be seen, sometimes leaving parts in dark the message of the image becomes stronger.

It was mostly demonstrated by portraits, but I tried it on these leaves from a garden near the street along which I passed yesterday.

Our eyes are even more attracted to the details of the leaves.

One never finishes to learn!

But this month, I have to find a new theme to the Afterclass group, and if possible, a new leader. The 1st arrived and I still do not know whom and what. What did I do yesterday?

After the rain (33)v square
Bought some fruits and milk and bread, took some photos as soon as the rain stopped, played and changed some of them and eat some of the fruits. Then, went to sleep the afternoon, each speech takes from me some energy I have to refill.

And at the end, spend a great evening with my grand daughter.

Yes, it was finaly a great day!

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