Thursday, September 30, 2010

Today I feel in clouds!

My friend, Stephanie, full of wisdom, told me once - when I begin to tell her how everything is so great around me: be aware!

It never lasts if you feel too sure of yourself!

But after each year passed, exam or next step - perhaps we are allowed to celebrate a short while?

I hope.

I become from yesterday, Advanced Communicator Bronze, and also finished my Toastmaster Leadership Manual, two days ago.

Up and continue towards new horizons, from now on.

My next two Advanced Manuals will teach me how to speak in public Reading a text which is not mine, (5 different) and, the other 5 called Speciality Speeches are 5 different each from other but seem fun to me for the moment. How long it will take to finish them?

For the last 10 I did prepare and work for 11 month!

So one day celebration or a few hours at least, do not seem too much for me, are they? It also gives me occasion to remember my late friend, my dear best-friend, Stephanie. I miss you!

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