Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Moulin Rouge 2008

One imagine 'Gay Paris' as if it was all the time fiesta.

In fact most of people work, the tourists walk and discover, and so on.

Le Moulin Rouge cabaret is a place in Place Blanche were people go to take photo of themselves 'I was there!' very few go to see the spectacle.

In my many years in Paris and around it, I never went.

I did go to the top of Notre Dame and the top of Eiffel Tower and the top of Arc de Triomphe, once. But my favorite place remains Butte Montmartre, where I go back each time I can.

Moulin Rouge is at its bottom. (one sais 'leg' in French) but for the first years I lived on top of Butte Montmartre I did not recognize it as neighbourhood. Once, as I was already moved outside Paris, I went back with a photo assignment and was stunned of the familial atmosphere of the place Blanche.

Not at all pinup girls as I imagined and pimps.

The picture, become the preferred one of my professor who decided that we will exhibit it. But then, I came to London, no time or energy to print a good copy of a photo any more in Paris. Another time...

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