Thursday, September 2, 2010

I do not take myself too seriously

I passed now three million visits to my photos, of course that is for the past almost six years,
bhis was used longtime my photo on flickr and in my blog too,
reminding myself too that I do not have to take myself seriously

one dey I took my old preuche that I did not use for many dozen years and put it on
instantly instead of wait hair I was almost black again as in my youth

I found up the drower an old hat - I do not wear hats usually either
that hat we found at the begining of our falling in love with my second ex in a small village market and for us, bying and using a hat for each of us was like feeling young and playful again so it has many memories linked to it of very good times

it signified for me as this photo that I decided, even alone, to be playful and joyous again

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