Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bare essentials

In 2005 I took a young Hungarian student with me on the way from Szovata, a small traditional cure town of Transylvania to Kolozsvar (Cluj-Napoca), he was also a photographer in soul.

A new but very good one!

On the way, he asked me if we could make a detour and visit his parents, father in one village and mother in one another not far from the road either. We did not find either of them, only his grand-parents, home.

His paternal grand parents house was bare, had only the minimum essentials. Electricity but not water inside. They welcomed us with a huge breakfast, very 'peasant one' with saussage and bakon and bred.

Somewhere, it must be a root nearer to English one because the breakfasts are in fact quite similar, even if the town, for quite a time, Hungarians stilck to very little and mostly milk and coffee and bread and butter.

Butter is an expensive comodity in some parts and you have to have money to buy, the father of my young photographer was away to find mushrooms in the forest hills, to sell it in the market.

I wondered how the young got on to study, but then I realized he did live at friends place when giving exams and at his girl friend parents place the other time.

His other grand father was a bit better of, still not really well, but at least they had more 'things" also again, no water inside or WC. But at their external one, I found a Harry Potter decoration inside!

We went to lots of places, made an 8 hour trip from a 4 hour on, but it was such an eventful and full june day!

At the end of the day, the young gave me pictures on a CD to do what I want with them, I did put on some as "Zoli's pictures" on Flickr, but I did also some who I am happy to have been rediscovered yesterday by someone, like this one in front.

Going to the image, you can then see the whole set of it, if you desire. I could tell a lot of stories about them, but perhaps, they do speak for themselves.

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