Saturday, August 28, 2010

Three million visits!

I can hardly believe, but on my flickr Stats it shows my photos just passed the three million visits!

I try to put on, what I see and like - rarely even dislike - around me.

Like this baby on the back of her mother in the bus, sleeping.

She or he was so cute and so far away with 'my way' of carnying for a sleeping baby, but I do understand well that each culture is different and not better of worse from each other.

A little later, the mother took out her very modern portable telephone and begun to speak. The baby continued to sleep. I took also a candid picture of her on phone with the baby on her back but this is the image I prefer. I was 'contre lumiere' so one can not see well the speaking mother anyway.

Here is a link to my photo-collection,
It would be difficult to find anything between, now around 42 000 photographes if there were not classified and tagged, but in flickr there is easy to make smaller sets and then from them collections of related images.

I still did not find such a great image data base for my computer. Still hoping... meanwhile, even me keep track of my images from the flickr site and all the others that I did not put on, slowly fade away.

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