Sunday, August 1, 2010

Paris 2e garnment disctrict

In 2007, the year before I came to London, I have decided to visit the 20 arrondissments of Paris, one by one.

Discover some new streets, take photos of the mood, the people, in each of them.

I did begin with the 1st and 2nd and then, as someone asked me to go there jumped to 13th, but slowly I did 'take on' all the twenty.

Some places I went 'back' also I knew them already, but most of them there were streets that I did not know before.

In three hours, or two when I was tired, I did what I could, most of time enchanted by what I have discovered.

One or two weeks later, on I went to the next arrondissment.

I should publish a book and tell also some stories about each adventure, one by one!

After I finished the 20 the first time around, I went to discover the Bridges on the Saine, but those did not finally attract me, enchante me as much as the streets full of people, or some more quiet, where I discovered different aspects of the city.

While still on the bridges, I decided to come to London, and I thought I could do the same here. Alas, London is so much bigger! And instead of 20 there are 36 bouroughs here!

So, I went first to markets and festivals.

Today, I will go to one of the festival I have not been yet, Latin American Carnaval!

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