Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to London

Why do I need a social event?

That is what I asked myself - and I almost did not go to the Cuty Shark Tavern, also it is not so far and it is a nice place near the Thames with a great view too.

I am happy I went.

We were about 15 from our club there and had a lot of great discussions and yes, my father has told me a very long while ago, around the table there is a different better 'bonding' between people.

Here is our president, a bit in the back in this picture and another of our club members, who once begun a speech telling "I learned from Julie the importance of storytelling" so now, I tell you a story, me too. Thanks, Jeremi! That was the best compliment I could get.

Sam, oranized the gathering, she is a great organizer, I admire her a lot.
Meridian TMs at Cuty Shark Tavern_0029 Sam
So many wonderful people in our club!

I also spoke more with others and got to know them better.

It was a great event!

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