Sunday, August 15, 2010

Paris is magic

Yes, it is a great city, but its magic is not only on the Louvre, the Grand Boulevards and the Tourist's places.

There is a lot more in it.

One of the images I like most, has no bright colours to attract, nor a special name to remember.

After having visited the expo Paris d'Amour at Hotel de Ville, we went down along the Seine to visit "Paris plage", when the usual place where cars go along is transformed for summer for a place of leisure for people.

It is not "Paris plage" also I took and will show you another time images from it, that I liked most, but these old houses taken from the other side of the river.
Anciens maisons au bord de la Seine v
First, I wanted to take only the steps going down toward the river, then I remembered an old picture I have taken of similar houses way back a few years. Was it in 2004 or 2005? This is a special Paris not taken perhaps by many and even more important because of it.

I have made a whole collection of sets "a week in Paris in 2010" inside my 'one week in" collection, and I will add from now each day new pictures and new sets to it. Every time, I say "oh, I like this best!" then another and another arrives.

Just after I take them, all seem important and choosing impossible.
Baiser, près de "ma" maison
Later, the 'dust settles' and I can make some choices more easily. But each has its own magic and interest, and each of us finds something else interesting. In fact, the images one after other, give a taste of a Week in Paris - or two days in Paris and the rest in Argenteuil, a few miles only from the city.

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