Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Life is up and down

We were not many tonight, so it was not easy to organize the meeting, but it is summer and we did have fun.

We also had two excellent speakers, whom you would not have said they are only at their 1st and 2nd speech, and great guests speakers with Table Topics at the meeting. That means, some of us spoke 1 minute, others 7, but all of us could express ourselves.

I am happy to go in October to speak before a greater audience, that will give a great occasion for me to go beyond my confort level, to learn something new, to communicate with yet another audience.

I do love communicating with the audience, telling them personal true stories in a way they can feel well about themselves even if the story sometimes is sad. Humor in sad stories is even more important.

I will try to find even more humor to put in it.

Soon, I will be back, writing again.

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