Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dawns from my window

As early riser, I have in my London flat the pleasure to see the dawn from my living room.

One of the mornings this week it was like this, with a sky without clouds.

As the sun rose slowly, it become lighter and also greyer, more uniform.

The day after, yesterday, there were hundreds scattered small clouds painted rose and moving slowly: a feat for the eye, even if not easy to catch their beauty in a photo.

Dawn in August_0052
and later they scattered even more and the sun lightened the sky
Today's dawn variation

We hope or aspire for a quiet life without many ups and downs, to go quietly on the chosen road. The worst thing, it seems, the Chinese hope for their enemies is: "Have an interesting life"

I did have an interesting life with lots of downs and ups, two ex husbands and a few strong loves; love and betrayals.

I lived in 6 countries including this one now, and lots of different cities, most of it in Paris, but the most difficult was to move away from Kolozsvar - now Cluj Napoca to show his old roots - my birth town, the town of my youth. After that, every time I had to change, it was more easy.

Only twice did I change because I wanted it.

Once going away from my husband from which I was recently separated with my two children, to be more quiet, and farther, from Paris to work in Washington for an after doctoral research. Second time, two years ago coming to London, to follow my son's family and make, perhaps, again, a new life.

What I found is song in great songs by singers and written in novels and poems: When you can not follow the quiet broad chosen road, and have to deviate toward unknown paths, you discover, with time, wonderful new horizons.

Life has taken me lots of places and was shattered many times - that makes lots of memories and stories to tell!

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