Monday, August 2, 2010

Carnaval Del Pueblo in London_0126

South London.

Carnaval del Pueblo - of Londoners from South America.

I do not know what Pueblo means - but the carnaval begun at the Elephant and Castle and went stright towards South.

As there were repairs, also not in action, on the 53 line, I arrived late, the carnaval had already departed. So I begun to go towards them, and took them from the end.

Even if we were quite a lot to take photos and videos, most of the time I could walk near them, only two or three time in almost an hour was I told to go farther.

So many colours, costumes, masques - and dances, too, but mostly, people! Colourful, interesting, the time flew fast, till my camera protested: no more place in the memory!

My memory was full by the time too and I arrived at the start of the Carnaval, as they were near the park.

A few seconds only to remember - I will make another with all the small parts together later.

I entered the park and set down with an ice-cream.

Then, shops, on the way and a long long walk. I was tired by the time, but it took almost 45 minutes walk to find the 63 bus and then change to 456 and then wait and wait for an 53 to take me back.
Carnaval Del Pueblo in London_0124
Hours, then spend with the pictures - and it is not yet finished. There are many of the 200 and took that I really like, but I can put only one of two on the top. Which one?

I stopped finally on this one, so much movement in it!

I will have days and days to show you some and speak about them too. How wonderful, London's diversity!
Carnaval Del Pueblo in London_0125d julie
I did not have to go to South American countries, they came to me.

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