Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cherries in the window

Up early, as usual, I begun my day taking pictures.

The cherries bought yesterday were so beautiful!

Then, I took my breakfast, and begin to play with the pictures - until my neighbour called: do you want to come to shop?

Not much is missing, as I will go away soon... but one can always find something interesting.

I took with me two small bags - too much but just to have them.

They were not enough! She had to lend me one big one of hers! So, now I have reserve, not as much of course as I had before my fridge broke down, but still, enough for a few days and even some for when I come back.

Now, I really have to read the Manual. Be sure nothing will be melting again! All will go well. Even if not much, I would not like to face again melting food!

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