Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beautiful flowers

Happy birthday Charlotte!

Get better fast Aline.

Heal well, my grand-son.

What importance it is that my fridge and congelator melted - and it was full of recently bought things that were delivered to me, beside all that?

A very small personal "tragedy" that very fast I could put in perspective.

My arm is not broken. I was not just operated.

Of course, I am not young any more either, but I can afford to loose some money on food that I had to through away, even if I did it with sadness.

It was the second world war that tought me that all food is precious, so I do not like to through away anytinig, and this time my congelator that melted was full of newly delivered goods.

OK, it is no big deal.

It only hurt for the moment. And I realise only now, how important it is in summer to have a fridge in working order. They will not even come to look until Friday!


I will eat more fruits and some biscuits perhaps too, food that is not alterable easy. I'll learn new ways...

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