Tuesday, July 27, 2010

First day of Documentery photos

In the spring 2004 I took my forsts photo classes with an American Women's Association in Paris. A young woman, took us in different parts of Paris to explain the basics of photography.

In the fall, the same gave a Documentary photography class, each time taking her group of six to another part of Paris.

By chance, she choose as departing point the few streets between the Sacre Coeur et the Marie 18e. Those were 'my streets'.

For 21 years I lived behind Sacre Coeur and worked near the 18th Townhall. After some years of absence, it was a great joy to return there.

Until today, I cherrish all the images, or almost all, I took that day.

This is one of the lasts.

The aged woman in red berret attracted me.

May I take your dog? Yes, of course. And, you too? Please.

She posed very happy and then, her frieds too. She told me every Monday afternoon at 4pm she comes there to meet with her frieds. I learned that day, that even when you are aged, you can dress well and feel all in not finished for you, as woman.

There is life after 70...

i started my blog, with the same name a few month only later.

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