Saturday, July 24, 2010

Soon Paris

Soon I go back to Paris.

Even if only for a few days, a week at maximum.

I did not live IN Paris the last seven years I lived in France but near it, but in 2007 I went - a task I gave myself - one by one to the 20 arrondissments for a few hours. Each time, strolling in places I have never been before or did not know well.
Rencontrés a Paris
Here are people from the first 9 arrondissments, memories of that year, way back, in fact only about three year ago, also it seems so far now.

In fact, Argenteuil is not farther from Paris centre then where I live now in Greater London is from the centre here. But it did seem farther to me, that time. I did like living IN Paris but I could not afford it any more after my retirement and divorce, and anyway I felt bruised by what happened and the first years even happy to 'hide' in a small darker house outside.

It takes sometimes more time to heal then other times.

More time to open up again, after people, specially the one you loved and believed in, hurts you. The time comes, finally. For me also with the photographies I have taken and the blogs I wrote. I felt less and less alone.

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