Friday, July 23, 2010

Train stations

Life has its ups and downs, but of course it is always more easy to be philosophic about it, when we are not down,

Today, I am up, as I received an interesting offer that spokes about the appreciation of my storytelling work.

So I can tell more easy about the latest downs.

One of the last, which was only annoying on the moment, was when two girls wanted to meet me - wanted it a lot - and then did not show up at the meeting point.

One of them is now writing me that she had a last minute meeting at her workplace and send the other to come, but not explaining her well where we agreed to meet.

They caused me some hours lost on bus, waiting and train stations, but there are some pictures if not many that came out of it.

Another problem was as my Fridge melted with all in it. First, regretting all I had to through away, as it went warmer and warmer with me realizing it only when the butter melted. Then, living for more then a week without, perhaps next week a new will arrive.

We take so much for granted now!

In my childhood, we used to have a special room, never heated, near the kitchen, where we put the things we wanted to last. Care to put is so it really lasts. Later, we had also Refrigerators, and the Iceman come with ice twice a week through the street, Huge blocks of ice, that had to be cut to enter the Refrigerator.

I was past twenty when we had our first Electric one, arriving directly from Germany where my father went to a business trip.

Then, we got so used, that we think we can not live without it...

We can.

Just not exactly the same way.

The milk I bought yesterday, only half bottle was good yesterday and even this morning - what remained should have been boiled, as it was not I had to through away: it got sour.

The bred got moisture, how and why? I remember the bred lasting a week or more in my childhood!

I did boil the 12 eggs that I bought, as soon as I realised the melting butter, and it did last. As I did not feel to through away that too, I eat lots of eggs as main aliment.

I still have not opened sardines and beans, and have still a reserve of some pasta too. I did buy melted cheese that lasts more, and some fruits that got ripe a bit fast.

I do not think I will have time to develop a whole strategy: a new freezer was approved today. It will arrive in a few days.

Then, I will have a few days of up, joy, about something that I took for granted lately. Everything is good for something, is it not?

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