Thursday, July 1, 2010

Inspirational speech

Yesterday, Toastmaster Meeting.

End of a Toastmaster year with change of Presidents and Committee, I am not officially Vice President of Education, not only replacing the old one. We have a new President.

Our old president, whom I'll miss, is moving higher on the TM rank, seeing to five clubs in our Area. The new president will bring fresh air and I do look forward for it and working together.

For me, the hightlight of yesterday was Zhana's speech.

Under very difficult circonstances, she proved, to me at least but not only, that one can count on her. We needed her to finish her Competent Communicator Manual, and she had to go away, but as soon as she was back, she did give two speeches in two days to finish. And she did it with brio.

Her speech about the Mariage blessing was indeed inspiring and unforgottable. "Believe me, it is a great thing, I do know it, I am now married the third time!" She was inspiring and funny at the same time. Religious and femenine, strong and smiling. Great and inspiring speech!

All through the meeting, I was enchanted, how much each of us progressed, it is a great joy to see our development as speakers, from month to month, meeting to meeting.

"This time, I looked at the audience" said me one who was too shy until now even to look at us, and he indeed did. His accomplishment yesterday is as great as Zhana's, he stepped to an other level!

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