Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Speeches, but no photo

Yesterday, I captured lots of interesting speeches, the voices and also video.

I did not take any photo - I miss it.

Did I learn something "new"?

I loved Nathalie's idea to repeat some of the old speeches, some of the old techniques that are not yet all absorbed in us. It is not easy as we have many members that would like to advance and speak too, and also myself (she too) who wants at the same time to go farther, faster.

Perhaps, we could incorportate those techniques in our next speeches or give the prepared speech again, better, somewhere when there is a need,a hole, a place.

Tonight, I hope we will have a great meeting, the last of our outgoing Toastmasters President. Oh, the name is so misleading! No Toast, no Roast and no red clothes as some people think about when they hear the name. 'Just' people gathered together to help each other learn better public speaking skills.

But we have some great people, so diverse and so interesting!

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