Thursday, June 24, 2010

England, finally

The England team finally did not have to come home.

Yesterday, I found my grand-son in a black tea-shirt but his trousers had blue-red-white colours. Is it France? I asked my French grandson. "No, in fact it is England" for the English team.

They have to gain tonight, I said.

Oh, no, they already did that. They are IN!

He was at 9 more up to date as me.

Interesting flag with the three lyons, that I do not know what they signify, but I see nowadays everywhere the flag for the team and England. And yes, I do believe we should not leave a flag to the nationalists, the history is all "ours".

Of course, I am Hungarian at heart, and was happy when they cut out, after 1989 the communists symbols out from the middle and put back in use the flag I knew as child. I am also French and love the French flag and cheered when "we" won the Championship and the Champs Elysée was full of proud people.

So, nowadays, living in London, I cheer with my grandson who wears the English colours and informs me that "we have lost (the French)" then also that "we WON!"

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