Friday, June 18, 2010

Toastmaster Jenny

Yesterday, I have given my first "Power Point" presentation, at Bromley.

In fact, it was a Keynote presentation, transformed and send to Jenny, the Vice President of Education from the Bromley Speakers club, who invited me two month ago to come and give a speech in their club.

For me, it was the first time I used Keynote, the Macintosh's Power Point presentation tool, in order to speak. I choose pictures, they speak better then words, I also believe they are more effective way to complement a speech then words on the wall.

Jenny and the other Toastmasters of Bromley club set up for me the big screen, also a bit too big for my taste, her computer and a pointing system so I can change the pictures from afar.

For 12 minutes, I was able to Inform the club members present of the different possibilities of Stepping Out of the Club.

Last minute finding, at least last day's was to compare the inside the club with a woman's womb and stepping out daring to grow up, to stretch our comfort zone, and to Become Public Speakers.

TM at Bromley_0110He also contributed a lot for me to be able to give my presentation. After the meeting we went to a pub and continued speaking.

Today, I listened again to the Evaluation of Chris about my speech, it was quite positive and he did find things which I found normal: I did not speak as an accomplishment of what I achieved, did, where I went, but just as an information about what it can be done.

Here is the evaluation if you want to listen to it.

At the beginning of the meeting, the outgoing President who for this special occasion, the last meeting he was still president, brought three hats, for the three roles he will take this night. It was fun! The meeting begun with joy and we had also an amusing and original first speech: he young speaker telling us all he decided not to tell.

At the end, we had a 'last' speech from the same Toastmasters manual, inspirational: it is never too late.

My example, proves it too.

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