Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spark, London

Spark London, and its animator Johanna, organizes a week long event at the Blue Elephant this week.

Each day, another theme.

Yesterday, the theme was HOME, and I was one of the six speakers. It went well, we had great public, wonderful personal storytellers, and I did not have problems telling my tale.

"I liked it, you made me feel strongly with what happened" Someone else, told me that it was the first time they met and heard someone who had lived the Second World War - about which I told my tale. You, telling us about your doll, made an instant connection with the audience, told me another teller. I liked that you did not stay near the microphone but moved, that made a more intimate contact with the audience.

I was happy it went well, but exhausted after speaking, lots of energy goes in it even if it feels very relaxed, or perhaps even more then.

Still, not seeing the audience and having the lights all on you is still not easy for me, the lights directly on my eyes - that was my main reason to move around.

I also spoke with Johanna about my next speech the 5th of July at the Cafe Canal Theatre, she loved the idea I had " so original, it was not yet done!"

Of course, all was done before, I am sure, but not my way. Each of our lifes and way is different.

I would like to be able to loose 2 or three stones till 5 July but that is not possible, so I will have to find a better way to dress - to show less of my waight, also my age and round figure will be a good counrepoint to my tale about my lovers.

The Theme in July will be First.

First times... there are so many Firsts in life - it is a great theme.

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