Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Very busy week

This is one of my busiest week so far, and I feel with important things to do too.

Yesterday, a great afternoon with my grand-children, I played with them and they were so happy to begin to understand and participated at their games, to bake bread together, too. In fact, they did it, finish the half baked baguette I did buy and took with me, and they liked it also a lot.

Today, I really have to do something about my car that did not move, again, for six month! It means if fact that I really do not need one... I think.

The bus can take me this afternoon to the meeting, I should try to participate at least one last time. Try to make contact with other's projects, if possible. Staying home, will for sure not make the connection.

Tomorrow, evening, a program arranged by me at which I participate only staying back, holding back, trying to let others shine and showing I do not want to shine but help only from behind. I do hope to do that for a year, in that club. In the other I will be more in the open, making contacts but only when needed as much as needed. I really have never had personal ambitions to be in front line or center. Always felt better in the background counseling, directing the play and not being the main actor.

Alas, I never had a lot of tact, either.

Thurday, the more challenging day for me this week, I will speak and present a Power Point (or Keynote) presentation, Informing, demonstrating what I mean too, to another Club members. Some very friendly known faces will be present, encourage me for sure. Today, I will have to rehearse the speech even if most is not written, but the images are there, hope will be on the screen, to guide.

Friday, will be the day the children will come to my place: I have to plan for it too.

Sunday afternoon, Table Topics ans Discussion at the Hyde Park Speakers Corner!

Monday, the first day of Summer, a special photo day for the International group: A day of our life.


  1. Hi Julie, the new background is great, much better. I think if you haven't used your car for 6 months, you don't need it. If you need to make a long journey, you can use the train and a taxi. It seems expensive at the time, but it is cheaper than owning a car and only using it once a year.