Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Connemara 2007

There was an eventul and interesting trip, three years ago - also I should have learned not to go with someone quiet different from me.

I looked at the picture taken of her at the begining and towards the end: what a difference! I smile now, but I suffered a bit then of our differences and of what I felt as very selfish behaviour.

A lot younger then me, she took her portable computer with her but almost never let me use it or post my images through it. From time to time, I found a cybercafe but also there she had no will to stay enough for me to work. Plus, she wanted big meals, fancy hotels, at least more expensive then me.

And drove bad but paniqued often when I did drive,

But we have see quite a lot of West Ireland together, what a beautiful place and nice people too!

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