Thursday, June 17, 2010

Zandria, yesterday's ABC

Yesterday, in our Toastmaster Meeting at Lewisham Speakers Club, Zandria has given her Ice-breaker, as we call the first speach in from the Competent Communication Manual's ten speeches.

With her first speech already she has proven she is very inventive and not a real "newcomer' to speaking in public.

She used the whole ABC letters to tell us a tale about her life. She found what to tell and how through the abc tell us a lot about herself.

Wonderful idea!

Winston, evaluating her, began telling his suspicion that she has already spoken, so well it was done, using voice variety and props, too.

We had another great speaker Breaking the Ice, Kathy, a born storyteller, as her evaluator told us, indeed, I can still see before my eyes her mother in the last day - before she was born - working in the garden in a warm weather near a small house in England. She took us through ups and downs of Kathy's life, and she not only told us but proved she indeed has backbone!

Such a great pleasure to listen to them taking their first steps, I am sure fast they will fly high and far. Their first speeches proves it already.

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