Friday, June 4, 2010

Trio by rhutabaga from flickr

Why does something fascinates us suddenly?

They are for sure logic reasons to it, and some we could find when we begin to think about it, but the fascination comes from gut-level and does not pass, at least first through our brain, but through our senses, somewhere deep inside us.

This picture, taken by one of my flickr colleagues did appeal to me instantly and it still does.

Yes, the color is warm, yes it 'fills the screen, yes they look at me, us, but there must be something more.

Why do we have instant sympathies also with some of the people we meet and with others, at the first instants we feel something false and dangerous lurking? Do we answer to body language instead of words or are some special weaves coming to us suddenly?

More I look to this three cows that we could more feel then see in fact more I am attracted. And look again.

I met once a man that interested me, yet at the same time I felt 'danger, false, something lurking behind him. I have to admit, I decided that it does not matter, that if I can I want him anyway, that it is worth.

Was it?

He did prove false at the end but I had wonderful days, month with him - we did live together three years. He was not the one I thought also he was the one I felt he may be with my instinct that I let not reign because I was fascinated by the rest.

I had many happy moments, I had many disappointments, I had some awful times, too. I do not regret it today: I lived. I loved, I had someone to hold my hands as we walk, I had someone to hold me fast as we slept, I had for a while someone I was happy to be with.

Yes, he also proved using, abusing me, as he did with all around him in his life, but no, looking back from afar, I do not remember strongest the worse moments with him but the bests.

He made me feel young again, at 50.

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  1. It is a special art of loving to receive the good things and let go of the bad