Friday, June 11, 2010

Julie Kertesz at the Blue Elephant

Uploaded to flickr by SparkLondon, not a very good picture but showing how much the spotlight was on my face - in fact it also shows that the black close worked well as the face and hands could be seen best.

Next event when I will speak and this time a funnier subject will be at 5th July but anyone wanting a ticket from Cafe Canal Theatre has to buy it now because the events sold out very fast.

Is it because it is not expensive? Is it because people like personal stories? It is also because Johanna does coach us really well.

The July theme is FIRST.

What first evoke in you? When I begun my first writing workhop with retired people - leading it - we wrote a list of 100 First and then one story that wanted to be told from it. Lots of interesting stuff came out of it.

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