Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yesterday, I have seen them

Yesterday, I have seen them, the first time, in action,

I went through Blackheath Royal Standard at 3 30 and near the bus station, alas, I did not have my camera with me. here he was, the nice but frightening looking metropolitan policeman, a teacher (or two) and a group of young students just in their way from school towards home, near the bus station.

In big discussion.

I did not know what they were discussing, what he was explaining to the group, but he was there doing his job. Then, going farther, two other policemen - one woman again - were walking to the same direction. In case they were needed?

Mostly prevention, in our neighbourhood.

Curious, that in two years I had the impression there is no police at all around here, and suddenly, after the meeting, I see their presence. Them working. Being out and in uniform. It is all possible, that before they were there mostly in plain clothes.

One day, I will try to take a photo of their work, but if the same should go from clothed to plain cloth, it would be better not, of course. Let them do their job. Prevention, around here, mostly.

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