Monday, June 28, 2010

Gym Competition: She won!

Perhaps England football team did not win yesterday, they could do it another year, I hope for them, but WE WON.

Yesterday, my grand daughter received the Second price in Gym in her group, as the winners were choosen group by group, and with quite hight points too.

As it was only a year she begun, that is quite an achievement for her. As it the fact, that after only two years in England, and having not so long ago known only the French, she was received in a good Grammar school.

She is persistent. Bright, of course and intelligent too, but adding persistence to it makes her a Winner.

Day by day, she spend hours of practising her gym movements in school and finally could do even those a few days ago she told me: "I cannot" - she could and did do them!

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