Sunday, June 20, 2010

An image can tell a story too

An image can tell a story too, true.

But words and body language and delivered to live public can tell perhaps more, sometimes at least.

More I read the book I bought from the Toastmasters International, more I appreciate all the author, Johanna Slan, tells me in it. More I understand how to craft a story, from life experience and the importance of processing it well before telling.

I knew of course that I had those three short connected stories to tell next month, for the first time, but hopefully also some other times later, about my "Firsts".

As it begun at first, the number one was about my first Honeymoon. In fact, after having read the chapter about "how to grow a story" from the book "Using Stories and Humor" to grab your audience, that first story is about Growing up, Going out the first time from the familly and as I see it for the moment, the title would be even better "My first big lie".

I was 25 but when we went on the train to that destination, I still remember, we felt, both of us as if we were adolescents running away from the school.

There is a time in anyone's life when he or she has to take a step on his own without consulting the parents, or even as it was my case then, against her father's decision not to let her go away anywhere with "that boy."

So, perhaps my father judged him better then me at that time, but it was time for me anyway to grow up and go out from under his wings protecting me too much and not well enough anyway. Time to grow up.

That is a more general story that just my first honeymoon - four month after I did become a woman at late age of 25. How I will tell it in such a short time will now be influenced by the book I am reading, and later on by the audience reaction to it.

The second story, First one night love, is about realizing one does not have to wait five years, as I did the first time, in a few hours someone can give more to you than someone to whom you were married for 15 years. That there is no such thing as a Serious Woman and a Loose Woman, we are one and act differently from time to time, but are the same. It is also in fact a Growing, Eye opening tale.

After my ex - the same I went away with in the first tale, told me at 40 "you are too old, no one will want ever to touch you any more - your life as woman is finished" it was a wonderful one night adventure with a tender intelligent man in Paris for the first time, that proved him wrong. And taught me a lesson.

My third story is about a First after many years and it was when I just have had my 70th anniversary. Proving me that not only at 40 I was not "finished as woman" but even at 70 I still was one and could be desired. That going old, does not mean what some and even me sometimes thought it means.

The three Firsts waived together, could make a really good story, if I succeed to tell them in a manner a way to make it a story about all who are in the audience too.

Alas, the time will go away fast, I promised it for the 5th of July.

At least, that will be the First time to tell my Firsts tales.

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