Friday, June 11, 2010

Neighbourhood watch

The first meeting of the association of the Neighbourhood watch on my street and its suroundings has been relaumched yesterday by a meeting at the St. John's Church.

We had the Metropolitan Local Police representative to speak us as well as the menager of the local M&S Simply food. Strange, I always thought about it as Mark and Spencer and not Simply food.

It appears, that from the time, more then a year ago, that the Metropolitan police has opened a nearby permanence, with clothes and undercover policemen, the problems, which were always lower here then other hot neighbourhoods, lowered.

Sometimes, a presence is enough, mostly as the young adolescents goes out from shcool towards where they live, a bit farther in London. They were still two breaks in house and an appartment the last six month.


For me two is too much already.

We were also warned not to let strangers in, ask telephone numbers and try it. I am not so sure, more sophisticated theefs, can not have a friend who would answer... telling yes, all is in order.

I also heard, images are important, then my idea to take portrait of people who come into my appartment, to deliver, to repair, etc is not so bad, even if I begun to take it just for friendly purpose.

Of course, there are lots of really very nice people, and very few with bad intentions, still, we have to be carefull, especially older women like me.

I wonder now if the young man telling me he came from Thames Water, to test if they can install a meter, was genuine and if not, if he did not come back because I told him when he does, I would like to take a portrait of him.

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