Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Creative Commons and copyright

This morming, the administrator of a gruop called Free pictures of Creative Commons, asked me to addd this image (uncropped then) to his group.

Japon art on Paris's Butte Montmartre

It was taken, two years ago, a group of Japan dancers, performers marching up the Butte Montmartre in Paris on a close sky day.

Should I add it to the group?

Creative Commons have different licences, I put my pictures Free of Use for any other then Commercial use. I took the image, I like them used but why should anyone gain money with it without giving me part of it?

So far, I sold only one image "direct" a print, and one through the web that was used in an Advertizing Magazine, very slick and nicely. Many others asked me and I am sure they used some of mine's without finally paying anything.

Even the Universities that used them with my permission, promissing to send me a copy of their Megazine, most the time do not do it. I feel it is unfair. Grabb all you want and use it, and most of the time even not Attributing it, as my licence ask them.

I did let my pictures be downloaded, printed, blogged. I enjoy the 1000 to 2000 people, I still hardly believe, coming day by day to look to my new and old pictures. I put them in categories easy to find, with tags easy to search. Is it too much to ask the respect of telling from where it come?

This morning, I pondered all this and did not put my picture in the group but asked further information from its leader. But I had the joy, again, to discover someone found this one interesting.

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