Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Writing workshop leader

Long time ago, in fact "just" five years, but to me it seems now like in another life.

In fact, it was another life.

I was trying to make known my Dialries and went to an Autobiographic convention where we had some workshops, between others a writing workshop.

She was leading the workshop.

I do not remember a lot about the event, but this morning, someone came to discover an image, I took from a collection of old journals, dating from 1911. Yes, that is even farther on,

I know everything is the title of the old magazine which I discovered in an old books store and bought for almost nothing the collection. The writing was interesting but even more the images from the magazine.

Here is one of them.
Reading in 1911
It is old, yet somehow it is actual too, for me, that time when I discovered them, read them, 25 years ago, somehow seems nearer to me then 5 years ago - strange, is not it?

I have opened a group on flickr who is called People Reading, towards the beginning of 2005 and I am still collecting pictures for it, so many people had since added great pictures they have taken of people reading in our group! I even made a gallery with some of them.

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