Saturday, June 19, 2010

Delivery from Germany

I bought through the Internet some new Manuals and a book about Storytelling from Toastmasters International, located in California.

Strangely, I did receive them, yesterday, from Germany.

Probably, that is where they send in bulk, but still charging lots for sending, and then dispatch it all through Europe. This very nice girl, postman came in telling me: You have a package from Germany!


I had not ordered anything from there...

Somehow of course I knew that it was from USA in fact just come through another European country. They told me last time I asked, it takes 21 days to arrive, finally it did arrive in only two weeks.

The important, I have it.

Very interesting book that explains why all great professional speakers use Stories, Personal Stories they have created, in their speech.

It is not so good in helping to collect them as other Storytelling books I have - as the Power of Personal Storytelling for example - but it does explain with detail different kind of stories, and also how we do have sometimes to let them grow.

The book makes a big difference between Storytellers and Professional Speakers, I think there is nowadays less and less, the book, very good indeed, was written 12 years ago and yes, in the Storytelling world lot has changed since.

A new book for me to study and a new incentive to bring more storytelling in our club program.

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