Saturday, July 17, 2010

Royal Festival Hall with Sandra

I met yesterday a charming lady, who wanted to meet me after having participated at my last storytelling at the Canal Cafe Theatre "The first time".

Very interesting and warm and intelligent too, she lived an interesting life in many countries, between others years in Russia and Switzerland too.

I also learned from her that while I told my story, it seemed I looked to the audience with warm eyes: my eyes spoke directly to them. It was difficult for her to believe that in the dark, I could not see them, really. So I looked at them trying to see here and there, as I am used. Great!

"It really seemed a real story, that happened to you."

Of course, we were all telling personal stories. Not all, about our life, as we had only seven minutes - or max ten - and in a story form - were all finishes well. What happened really but in a story form.

Preparing a story, in this case they were three shorter stories for me one after other but linked and with echo from each other. I am happy they had quite a good impact on those listening.

"It came directly to us."

Alas, some others as they were reading, other stories did not always gone so, she told me. Of course, the story was interesting but the delivery still not enough rehearsed: a read story can be as fascinating as one told 'directly'.

Today, I published my French version of my First in my French blog. Adding to it what was missing, what people wanted to know, Not 'all' it is still a story in a few minutes and still a story not a 'confession' or telling of facts. I hope I bring those listening into it - even if perhaps I did not use as many sensory details as I could have.

Next time...

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