Monday, September 13, 2010

Look at the humour in your life

Not taking seriously what it arrives, looking at the humorous side...

Like this morning, I open the TV early and the speak about the "Foreign Accent Sydrom" that comes after the brain is affected - and, the French being one of the worst!

So if I would have registered as competitor, instead of organizing it, I would have had how to begin. And this morning, instead of being revolted and thinking "I am deranged?" as I speak with a foreign accent that is part French part Hungarian and part American, I am laughing at myself and the TV people who shot it - without adding that of course, those whose accent did not change suddenly... those who have "authentic" foreigner accent - their personality and brain is not changed or deranged.

Also, our personality changes a bit as we learn yet another language to speak, with our old accent or acquiring the "right" one.

Which is the "right" English accent? British? Oxford? Scottish? East London? Irish? Welch? American? Yes, there is a best-seller book:"How to get rid of your British accent" for those living in USA. All "foreigner accents" owners are not brain damaged! Perhaps the person who decided to make that short video and the one who accepted to put it in the news is? Oh, no! They just never thought at the implication of what they were saying and how!

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