Tuesday, September 14, 2010

From place to place

When you are interested, you discover.

Things you have never dreamed of even!

This morning,I received an email about a speech from August's International speech winner. Going to see it at the YouTube, I found a good beginning, stooped short in the middle of a phrase!

As I was already there, I browsed through other Toastmaster winners speeches, particularly the Humorous ones. Not r that, I heard it already, not that, it is badly recorded, finally I found gold.

What is this? A costume party? All or almost all Toastmasters clothed as Arabs from Middle East? I begun to listen to the speech and listen. I learned a lot!

Here is the Speaker and Winner of 1st price in his District's Humorous Toastmaster speech, with a speech in-titled "Job Promotion?."

I did embed it in my Competent Communication blog, so here is only the link to that speech on that blog.

That speech that taught me also more tolerance about people and how they are dressed, as well as reasons why not to want so much to be promoted. A very serious speech message embedded in humour. And showing how to do it, too.

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