Saturday, September 11, 2010


Sometimes, the note for the day jumps out in the morning and flows out of me, today I had to wait and digest all.


Remember not the evil people who did the 9/11 or Holocaust or the rapes of women when entering a conquered territory, remember not even the innocent victims, whom of course, we can never forget.

Remember that one can not generalize.

The so called religious man from a tiny Florida congregation was good to let us remember that and that they were Just People from every nation and religion, and we should never hate each other because of some horrible acts.

My best friend cousin Judith was slaughtered by Nazi Germans in Auschwitz, my neighbour remembers the cries of women gang raped by drunken Russian soldiers. We also know and do not forget of those whom we do own so much.

If a German Pharmacist Bussinesman would not have teached my father what to do and adviced him in detail, I would have probably never reached 11 and would have went into smoke as my cousin, Judith and my grand-mother. If a Russian soldier would not have given two potatoes and taught them how to use it to heal, to my German origin neighbour, her brother's arm would have been lost and perhaps even his life.

There are and were always 'just' people and we can always help and we should remember not to hate one nation or one religion or one people only because some of them did commit evil facts.

I do remember all very different people, and many I even do not know about as I was just ten at the time, to whom I own that I can be now here, after 66 years more then all the others and even if there is no day of commemoration for me, I feel today is as good as any.

Today, I have done my good deed and typed my German origin neighbour's memory in the computer and decided to find an occasion to read her 11 years old ordeal as they had to fled from Russians from East Germany towards West. And even her first horrible Headmaster in England, who made all other children mock the German kids, and the other one, replacing him who with a lot of patience and warmth taught her English.

Remember those who were helpful and not let our roads be changed by evil, that was also Obama Barack and Obama Michelle's discourse today. Greef and do a good deed.

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  1. Reading this, I can tell how emotional these memories are for you, my friend. Thank you for your generosity in braving the pain to share them.