Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Croissants for French breakfast

Those were 'real French' croissants in the morning at our family special breakfast, three years ago.

We did not eat as this every morning, only special occasions.

I love finally a lot more the fresh baguettes - see towards the left, then the croissants full of butter. But the children did like them and also the pain au chocolate which is lurking under one of the croissants, that was for my grandson, who does prefer it to croissants.

Such pictures taken a while ago come up to me, back to me as someone from the flickr website finds them and comments or make them favorite or puts them in his gallery. Suddenly, with the image, the breakfast at my son's family comes also alive and the small boulangerie nearby open from 7 am, making the city bests croissants.

Of course, there are croissants and croissants, all croissants are not egal even in France or in a city! So much depends on who does them and how. Even more perhaps on how you eat them. At a café bar with an espresso or together with the family a Sunday morning. Each time, it taste a bit different.

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