Sunday, October 23, 2011

Caramel Skin, Terry Edwards poem

I met Terry Edwards at the Marlow Toastmaster's meeting, Thursday, and had heard him telling his latest Poem. Because of it, already, the trip was worth while.
WORD, by Terry Edwards
Marlow TM Meeting-07
Caramel skin

I look at you and the season is always spring
Danger meets you sitting
I love the way your clothes are fitting
Harmony vibes in your stride
I love the way you glide

Your gaze is blinding
All I want to do is sit with you on the horizon
Do you like the finer things in life?
Well I’m lucky
Because I am watching one of God’s delights
I want to slip stream in to your dream
And love will blossom in
Shyness is not completeness
But with you I will disregard this weakness
And Blaze you like a candle
And only God will be able to dismantle
The attraction I have for you

Let me rubbish in heartache
If you think me fake
If you don’t let us both awake
To a daybreak of sunlight and bliss

I hear you talk
And my heart shatters in silence
Now witness the calling of one bird to another
I blush every time I smell your scent
Is this me singing a song?
Or living wrong

Marlow TM Meeting-08Some nights I awake with your image
Caressed in beauty
I wonder who is holding your body
Love singles out lust
What I see in you is a must
I shine without the weather
Because when I look at you
All I see is pleasure

To me
Your body your mind and soul
Is one big treasure
I would love to hold
And let the sacrament unfold

Because you’re beautiful.

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