Thursday, October 27, 2011

Courage! This will be 3rd Standup

Going back to remember my first Stand Up Showcase at Pirate Castle.

It was a hit, with 120 audience, cheering and laughing all through my act.

I even have a nice picture, just before the gig, with the others, well most of them, who took the class with me and performed.

Relatively, the second went well but we had less audience and I did not have much place to move. The light was too strong in our face. What will the future bring? I have to learn the text well now. Is it really 5 minutes?
Comedy School Pals, before our Stand Up Showcase
In the Mistaken Identity, my favourite story, who got so much laugh, I said so much in five minutes! And my movements were so free, too. I got also lots of energy from the Canal Cafe Theatre Audience. And then, gave them back. That was real fun.

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