Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Storytelling is essential

Personal story makes or breaks a great speaker. I do believe in it, more and more do too.

In a corporate or any kind of work environment, in politics or community (and even personal life) it is important to be able to express an important idea (point, theme) through a story, a personal story.

We will create a Storytelling Workshop at Lewisham Speakers club, meet a few times from November to February, learning and experimenting the different aspects of crafting a great story. there is much to learn and experiment:
  1. Where we find it in our life, what we learned and what point we want to make to
  2. What we put in from our experience and what we leave out, 
  3. How we transform it, craft it into a Story, adding Dialogue, Drama, Humour, then
  4. How we embody (learn) it and 
  5. How we deliver it to the audience living in the moment,
At the end, we will tell all a story, outside, to show what we have learned. Then, we can give each other feedback and have also audience's feedback and go on, to another level.

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