Monday, October 31, 2011

Laughing Horse

Here is one picture from the Stand Up Comedy show from Laughing Horse, Brixton (London)

I took them from the Video, and for some reason, Flickr does not want them, does not show them.

Are they too small for it?

Picassa and Windows Explorer and Piknic have no problem with them. Oh, the life is complicated! If just things could go ok for a while.

Here is a picture from the begining and one from end, and I would like to add a third if I may.

If the blogger does nicely want to cooperate.

Here is the second picture I showed, in my opinion, better then the first one with the shaving cream.

indeed, the photo I disliked, now I begin to like. "life works in mysterious ways."

 This is my prefered one.

It shows me leaning towards the audience.

I did have a great contact with them during the Stand Up, as good as usual when I tell a story at the Canal Cafe Theatre, or perhaps even more.

There were so many Toastmasters present, pals that will remember what I told and perhaps even tell about it to others.

So, will this note remain with pictures when I publish it? I hope.

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