Sunday, October 2, 2011

Take the next step

"Storytellers when we first start out, have something to say, but often have just enough skill to realize how bad our efforts are.

The point, though, is that by keeping at it and continuing to tell story, the narrative voice and experience will finally shine through.

Don’t be discouraged if something doesn’t work, but make damn sure to learn from failures and move forward."

That advice comes in good time for me this morning, as yesterday in the Humorous Area Contest, between five, I was not even judged to be between the three bests. I did get the biggest laughs, perhaps, at the beginning and two or thee times toward the end, but probably for some my story did not gel. I think all women liked it more then the men, but who knows.

I got "your best so far, funny and with a message" from David T. whose opinion counts a lot for me, and "we did laugh the more of your story" from some of women, but listening again on the recorded soundtrack I see that the laugh was at the begining, yes, at the end yes, but almost nothing in between.

Yes, for me still a long way to go. Do not be discuraged, do as Michael Notaro, new chair of Toastmasters International said yesterday, Take the Next Step. Continue stretching yourself. Will do.

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