Sunday, January 22, 2012

30 hours in Limerick

180 photos probably too much to look at, click choose, enjoy.

A few years ago, my dream to go to Irealand was realized and we landed near Limerick. Rented a car for ten days and went to our little Bread and Breakfast house, where we stayed two nights. But we went out to discovery as soon as we landed.

The first walk, the first pub, the first friendly people!

Next day, we went to discover Limerick and we spend an eventtful day there, too.

After Limerick, we went on to discover Clare County of which I have read so much. But it is only ten days later, going back, that we discovered a small village and pub very like that on my book from Nora Roberts.

We did not get well with each other, the lady from New York with more money to spend and me, with more dare to speak with people around us, but what a wonderful journey up the coast to Galloway, and later towards the lakes.

I came home, not liking any more my trip compagnion but loving Ireland, its diversity and its people. A bit less, its narrow and rainy roads.

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