Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dancing in the rain

Dancing despite the rain, detail by Julie70
Dancing in the rain.

She is not Kelly, dancing of joy of love. She danced French Can Can, near Paris, in her heart and body the love of dancing.

Then the rain begun, more and more strong. All around people went to hide or put on umbrellas to continue looking.

The girls did not stop their dance.

Some dances with more care, not to slip on the humid surface. Others continued as if nothing has happened.

This girl spine went even higher, her head prouder, her steps more determined.

It was an fantastic memory, and I asked a lady to permit me to take a picture from under her umbrella (I did not bring one) and she let me.

This is a detail of the original picture, suggested by one of the 2500 who had looked at it on Flickr. What a joy is that we can show our pictures and have a permanent expo. This picture taken in 2005 May, come out yesterday, as yet another favorited, chosen, the original picture. Each time, it is a great joy and pleasure for me to remember. Bad weather, tough times, always offer a "good story", in storytelling, stand up comedy or photography!

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