Tuesday, January 31, 2012


my son
My son joking
I got to tell my grand children, and repeat to my son, his birth, 46 years ago.

My grand daughter and daughter in law prepared a wonderful cake, with nuts and banana inside, for the occasion, and we did taste it at my place.

It is stunning how much my 13 year grand daughter grew up, and how fast she is now changing from small child to adolescent!

In my time, I have developed a lot slower, I think even at 16 was not up to how she is now, perhaps because the war and its deprivations but it could be it is also how the nature is, some develop faster, others slower.

Julie 15 year old
Such a pleasure to look to my two grand children and see them growing and developing!

Speaking two languages with ease, and having them not far, even if now they are no more "next door"..

Today, I still have a slice of the cake she left me, yesterday I ate the second one, or is it the other way around?

I can not publish pictures from my grand children, so here is one from my son and me, when I was adolescent.

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